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Logo Borotalco

Body care
with an unmistakable scent


The talcum powder
since 1878

In 1878, Henry Roberts created the Boro-Talcum formula in his pharmaceutical laboratory in Florence, developing a soothing and refreshing body powder with a wonderful scent.

Borotalco - 1878

Borotalco e la storia italiana

A family friend

Its unforgettable green tin can was an immediate success, a genuine innovation destined to be present in every home. Over a short period of time it turned into an everyday item: perfect as an aftershave, a delicate face powder and for nappy changes. Borotalco, with its countless benefits and applications, has a place in many family histories. Its unique scent and green tin evoke happy memories and stir pleasant emotions.

Il Borotalco

Borotalco in Italy's history

Borotalco's advertising posters, as well as its slots on the Italian advertising show Carosello, were acclaimed works of art in the mid-20th century.

Borotalco - Nel 1957

Borotalco e la storia italiana

A modern brand

Unique and incomparable, Borotalco symbolises care and protection. The brand has reinvented itself without losing its identity, remaining grounded in both tradition and progressiveness. Its many qualities and unique scent can be found in a complete product line for the whole family. With the launch of the deodorant it has become a reference in the personal care market.

Borotalco e la storia italiana


Today, Borotalco is a modern brand which offers efficacy and safety also to the youngest. The product line now includes body washes, deodorants and soap bars with the unique scent of Borotalco
wrapped in a modern and original packaging.
Because when we look at the past, we can build our future.

Borotalco - Oggi