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The solution for perfect laundry

Once upon a time…

… there was a little man wearing a perfectly clean, intensely radiant white t-shirt. This little white man, known as Omino Bianco, soon became indispensable to the laundry care of every Italian home.

Omino Bianco - C'era una volta

It all started in 1954

The tale of Omino Bianco began with "Perborate", a whitening additive. It has since evolved over the years, specialising in several laundry care segments and broadening its product range.

Omino Bianco si presenta così nel 1954

Amazingly clean,
day after day

Consumers have depended on Omino Bianco's range of quality laundry products for over 60 years and it is now the indispensable ally
of over 8 million households in Italy. Omino Bianco is the leading laundry additive brand in Italy and one of the leading brands in many other European market segments.

Omino Bianco - Con un lieto fine

Omino Bianco

Omino Bianco


Omino Bianco's range of products includes hand washing and washing machine detergents, disinfectants, whiteners, pre-treat products, color protect detergents, stain removers and bleaches. Omino Bianco provides trusted solutions for a perfect wash.

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