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Rio Mare tuna, good in every way


Tasty sustainable products

Is it possible to deliver delicious, top quality products while protecting the environment and the ecosystem? Can we combine quality and ethics? We can and we must.
Rio Mare pursues sustainability across the whole supply chain, from the moment the tuna is caught until it reaches the consumer's table.

Rio Mare - Prodotti gustosi e di qualità elevata

Constant attention throughout
the supply chain

We fish for different species in different oceans and we diversify our fishing methods. As soon as it is caught, the fish is immediately frozen; it is then defrosted, cleaned and sliced in our processing plants located near the fishing zones to guarantee top-quality loins. These are then sent to our Cermenate plant in Italy, the largest, most modern and advanced in Europe, with a productive capacity of 3,000,000 cans daily. Over 15,000 processing quality checks per year ensure the consistent high quality of Rio Mare tuna.

Rio Mare - Ma come?

The taste on the table

Rio Mare brings all the healthy properties of tuna and the taste of the best ingredients to the table. With Rio Mare you can create appetizing recipes and genuine and tasty meals.

Rio Mare - A tavola

Riomare oggi


When you choose Rio Mare you choose the taste and quality of the best tuna, salmon and mackerel, as well as products for any occasion, such as the delicious Insalatissime. With its nutritional properties, Rio Mare helps you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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