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Logo Rogé Cavaillès

Delicate and sensitive
skin care in pharmacies

It was the year 1855...

...when the "Rogé Cavaillès” pharmacy was opened, named after its owners Mr Rogé and Mr Prosper Cavaillès. It can still be found at 116 Boulevard Haussmann in Paris, its original location.

Rogé Cavaillès - 1855

Le farmacie

Yesterday's pharmacies

At that time, pharmacies were also small laboratories where cosmetics were manufactured and sold directly to consumers. The soap bar rapidly became a best seller and long remained the preeminent personal hygiene product.

The first "surgras"
soap bar

In 1905, Rogé Cavaillès launched the first "surgras" soap and soon established itself as a leading personal care brand on the French market.

Predecessors of today’s cleansers, “surgras” soap bars combined protective and nutritive properties for the skin. Since then, Rogé Cavaillès has grown famous for its delicate products, ideal for sensitive skin.

Rogé Cavaillès - Nel 1905

A unique formula

Rogé Cavaillès protects and cares for delicate and sensitive skins with its specific hypoallergenic formulas rich in "surgras". Those formulas are based on rigorous clinical, gynecological and dermatological tests that guarantee high quality and long-lasting effectiveness.

Rogé Cavailles - Le formule surgras

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Rogé Cavaillès is a reliable brand that maintains the highest quality standards. Recommended by dermatologists, its product line includes soap bars, liquid soaps, body washes, shower gels, intimate hygiene products, body moisturisers, facial cleansers and deodorants.

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