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The adhesive specialist

A name that has made

It is not an acronym or an abbreviation. It sounds onomatopoeic, but it is actually German for “eagle owl”, a bird that lives in the Black Forest in Germany. UHU is the brand that first manufactured synthetic resin-based adhesives. Today, its adhesives are incredibly strong and more elastic than vegetal glues.


A prestigious brand

Thanks to its continuous research and state-of-the-art production plants, UHU is one of the most prestigious brands globally, with innovative, superior quality products marketed in over 125 countries. Renowned worldwide, UHU is a trusted brand at home and in the office, and has become a famous trademark for glues in several countries.

Il Borotalco

More than 600 million people trust UHU

Numerous people across the world use the unique yellow and black UHU stick every day. Many of them are children and teenagers, UHU's primary target market. At school or at home, they use UHU for all their creative projects.

UHU - Più di 600 mln di persone

Free your creativity
and respect the environment with UHU

Thanks to their versatility, UHU products are the ideal solutions for unleashing your creativity and turning your imagination into action. At home, at school or in the office, UHU is an essential tool for your most ingenuous inventions or creative projects.
UHU products and packaging are developed so that they have as little impact on the environment as technically possible, both during production and use.

UHU - Con UHU puoi creare tutto


"Gentle" and versatile, UHU is also super strong and extra fast, the ideal glue for any need.

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