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Our people

At Bolton Group we believe that our people, at all levels, are the real drivers of company growth and success. We continuously strive to develop our resources and foster the best talent thanks to targeted training and a stimulating working environment. Because we consider it a priority to guarantee health and safety to our employees, we comply with existing OHSAS 18001 standards. We ensure a working environment free from discrimination based on race, culture, convictions, sexual orientation, age, physical ability and religion, among other personal characteristics, and guided by the principle of equal opportunities. We implement welfare programs to help our employees to balance their work, personal and family lives.

The community

Given the role we play, we believe the Group's contribution to society is fundamental. We act in a timely manner to support the people who live in areas affected by natural disasters, including the rapid distribution of our food and personal care products. We partner with national and international organizations and associations to promote and fund education, scientific research and cultural projects.

Bolton - Progetti sociali

We Care For Child Education

At the Bolton Group we firmly believe that education is essential in providing children and teenagers with a better future. In 2013, we set up We Care For Child Education, a programme of interventions carried out in Italy and other countries to enable access to education to children in difficult situations. Save the Children is our partner in this endeavour.

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