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At the Bolton Group we are aware of our social role and the impact that our activities have on the environment and the community. We are therefore highly committed to timely compliance with all legal provisions on sustainable development, as well as developing and standardising responsible processes and actions. Our approach to sustainability is based on these key elements:

  • our Code of Ethics
  • a dedicated governance, both at a Group level and at the company level
  • the adoption of the ISO 26000 international guidelines as a reference for our activities
  • a Group sustainability global plan and specific sustainability operational programmes for each business sector.

    The main focus of our sustainability-oriented vision is on our products, the environment and people. We are convinced that sustainability is a value we share with our consumers and it is a priority for us to provide high quality, sustainable products.

The environment

We are engaged in sustainable production and organization processes in order to minimize greenhouse emissions and waste and use natural resources efficiently.

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Our products

We guarantee the quality, safety and transparency of our products for all our customers. We are committed to purchasing raw material only from suppliers who adopt a sustainable development model..

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We are engaged in giving value to the people who work with us and promoting their talent. The importance we put on people is underlined by the initiatives we have undertaken for the benefit of the community.

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