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The specialist in the
canned fish market

Saupiquet is a leading brand in the French canned tuna market, also well established in Germany. The characteristic tenderness of its tuna combined with product and packaging innovations satisfy consumers' desire for flavour and convenience
The Saupiquet product range includes tuna in brine, tuna in oil, tuna in sauce, premium tuna fillets, salads, tuna spreads, tuna chunks as well as other appetizing canned fish such as mackerel and sardines.
Bolton Group is a founding member of the ISSF (www.iss-foundation.org), a non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting the long-term conservation and sustainability of tuna stocks.

The European leader
in canned tuna fish
"Italian style" tuna
The specialist in the
canned fish market
Top quality sauces
and vinegars
Leading premium
canned meat in Italy
Healthy and natural food
your pets will love