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Laundry care
you can trust!

Omino Bianco, the long-time market leader for laundry additives in Italy, has grown throughout Europe to become the top brand name in many markets. Over the years, Omino Bianco has closely followed rapidly evolving consumer needs and expanded its product range accordingly. 

The Omino Bianco line includes liquid detergent with Marseille Soap, liquid and powder laundry detergent, pre-treatment and liquid whiteners, delicate bleach and stain remover.

Laundry care
you can trust!
The toilet and
drain care expert
Cleaning solutions for
every type of surface
Clean and shine
throughout the home!
The complete range
of top tissue products
Convenient floor and
surface cleaners
Renowned ironing aids
Leading Oven Cleaners
High quality
dishwashing liquid
Extra shine glass
and window cleaners
The specialist for
the beauty of silver
Effective drain
pipe cleaners
Effective drain
pipe unclogger
Expert toilet cleaners
in The Netherlands
Heavy duty hand soap
when soap is not enough
Leading kitchen care
and quality products
Efficient ironing
aids and starch
Natural soaps for
surfaces and textiles