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    Bolton Group strives to implement a circular approach in all our production processes and steer our activities towards decarbonization to tackle climate change.

    We ensure to reduce the environmental impact of our production operations by limiting emissions, energy and raw materials consumption, and reducing waste.

    Our approach

    Bringing circularity into our manufacturing processes means “doing more with less”. We also constantly monitor and improve our performance in terms of emissions, waste, and energy consumption as we look to reduce the impact of our production operations.

    We have implemented quality management systems certified to ISO 9001 standards for all our production processes.

    Similarly, most of our plants already operate in compliance with the highest environmental standards, such as ISO 14001, and some have significantly reduced energy consumption by adopting ISO 50001 certified energy management systems.

    We are committed to achieving a more circular approach by reducing the environmental impact of our 17 fishing fleets and our 16 production plants, making them more efficient by:

    • Reducing consumption of non-renewable materials, energy, and water.
    • Limiting CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.
    • Reducing waste and maximizing waste recovery.

    Our numbers

    3 key numbers


    recycled or recovered waste in our manufacturing plants


    electrical energy from renewable sources in our manufacturing plants


    CO2 emissions in our manufacturing plants (vs 2017)


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