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    Sustainability starts with fostering the supply chain and ensuring the use of natural resources and raw materials that preserve the health of the planet.

    Quality, care, and passion inspire and guide our actions to deliver the best possible products to our consumers while respecting the planet’s resources. We guarantee full transparency and traceability of our products and the protection of human rights along the supply chain.

    Our approach

    Our objective when it comes to sourcing raw material is to protect and restore biodiversity with a specific focus on preserving the health of the oceans. We are also committed to reducing the impact of packaging material by adopting a more circular approach.

    Through the fostering of relationships with suppliers who operate according to a shared sustainable business model, we guarantee full transparency and traceability of our products and the respect of human rights along the supply chain.

    The preservation of biodiversity and the health of the oceans have been one of Bolton Group’s priorities for many years. In 2009, we were among the founders of ISSF (The international Seafood Sustainability Foundation) and today we also benefit from a long-standing collaboration with WWF® in the field of responsible procurement of marine resources.

    Sourcing activities also have significant impacts on the social side. Our engagement with Oxfam to increase human rights standards in the tuna supply chain confirms our efforts towards the local communities where we operate.

    When it comes to packaging, we are committed to bringing down the impact of the materials used, by reducing their weight and thickness, increasing recycled or certified materials, and working to ensure even higher results of recyclability

    Plastic represents a topic of increasing importance, that is why we signed the Business Call for a UN Treaty on Plastic where WWF®, Boston Consulting Group, and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation called for a binding international agreement at United Nations level to address plastic pollution.

    But our commitments do not end here. We work every day to develop more sustainable formulas for our chemical products and to increase the use of natural or renewable ingredients.

    Responsible fishing

    Our everyday commitment

    We are committed to sustainable fishing. In particular, we diversify fishing areas, fishing methods, and the species caught in order to guarantee the respect of the balance of the marine ecosystem. By using a scientific, global, and systematic approach and choosing to source only from those supply chains that are managed responsibly with the participation of all those involved: companies, fishermen, and institutions.

    The challenge involves working with all participants (including vessel owners, the canning industry, non-governmental bodies, and organizational institutions) to find a balance among the three different aspects that make fishing truly sustainable: tuna stock status, marine ecosystem health, and management of fishing areas.

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