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    Bolton Group acquires Unipak in Denmark

    Bolton announces the acquisition of Unipak, a Danish family-owned company and a player in the adhesives business in the Nordics and Eastern Europe.

    We are very excited to welcome Unipak A/S, a Danish family-owned company, established in 1942 and expert in jointing compounds with a strong focus on renowned high-quality brands such as Unipak, Multipak, Unitape, Glidex and Multiseal.

    Unipak A/S specialises in the niche market of chem/tech consumables and produces and distributes high-quality and reliable products with the lowest possible environmental impact, mainly: traditional plumbers’ consumables, lubricants, and leak sealants.

    Unipak relies on 44 dedicated collaborators who are working to make Unipak a strong growth story in the adhesives market.

    Today, about 80% of Unipak’s total turnover is accumulated outside Denmark. The company is present in Poland, Germany and Ukraine with its own subsidiaries and has a strong market position in several other countries like Sweden, Finland, Norway, Ireland, the Baltic States and Iceland.

    This acquisition represents a truly complementary asset for Bolton, enabling the Group to gain new market positions and expand its brand portfolio in line with its growth and sustainability strategy.

    Unipak’s regional footprint complements the regional coverage of the existing Bolton Adhesives Professional business. This operation will also enable both Bolton and Unipak to diversify their distribution channels and thereby grow their businesses.

    We are very pleased that Unipak has joined Bolton Adhesives“, says Remko Tetenburg, Bolton Adhesives CEO. “The Unipak brand is a valuable addition to our brand family and the strong market position in the Nordic region and Poland strengthens our regional presence.”