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    Reducing the energy consumption of our plants

    Over the last years, we carried out several initiatives to make our manufacturing plants more efficient and sustainable, reduce our energy consumption and increase the use of electrical energy from renewable sources.

    Over the last years, we carried out several initiatives to make our manufacturing plants more efficient and sustainable.

    Thanks to the new tri-generation system, at the Cermenate Rio Mare manufacturing plant we can now self-generate electric, thermal and cooling energy. The idea was born in 2017 in the Engineering department to reduce energy costs and the environmental impact resulting from the use of traditional fuels. The initiative involved a number of specialised firms in order to identify the technical solution best suited to the characteristics of the system: a medium- to-large tri-generator in relation to the installed base in Italy, with approximately 2,700 kW electrical, 900 kW thermal, and 1,100 kW cooling power. The heat resulting from the production of electricity is recovered by a boiler to generate steam and by a system for the production of chilled water, thanks to an optimised use of energy and natural gas. This initiative has allowed a 5% monthly saving in electricity. In addition, the tri-generator allows the self-production of more than 50% of the electricity needed each month.

    We have adopted several measures to reduce energy consumption also at the Home & Personal Care manufacturing plant in Nova Milanese, dedicated to home and laundry care products. In our assembly lines, we have installed a sleeve machine to apply labels and stickers, which now works on steam produced using methane gas instead of electricity while in the compressors room a new automatic system allows for usage optimization according to actual needs. As regards lighting, we are currently replacing the metal-halide lamps in our warehouses with LED lighting. We have reduced thermal dispersion by compartmentalising the packaging department and replacing office fixtures. Overall, the work performed in 2019 has resulted in energy consumption at the Nova Milanese plant being reduced by 10% compared to 2018.

    Again in the Home & Personal Care division, at our Calenzano plant (dedicated to personal care products) we have implemented various energy-saving projects: the replacement of the condensate dischargers of the steam network resulted in a 25,000 m3 reduction in the consumption of methane gas in one year, and the replacement of halogen outdoor lighting with LED lamps resulted in electricity savings of 50,000 kWh (equivalent to the average annual consumption of 18 households of 3-4 people). Once again, these measures have led to a 5% reduction in overall energy consumption compared to 2018.

    In general, we are upholding our commitment to increase the use of electric energy from renewable sources in all of our plants. Since 2019, for instance, in the production plants of canned fish in Spain, we have been exclusively using electrical energy from renewable sources. In addition, from the first half of 2021, all our Adhesives Business Units production plants will be powered by 100% renewable electric energy. By the end of the year, we plan to have expanded the system to our warehouses.