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    Rio Mare supports the 2022 Summer School in Marettimo for young climate shapers

    Our brand Rio Mare has supported the organization of a Summer School on the island of Marettimo, in collaboration with the Egadi Islands Marine Protected Area and with the participation of our partner WWF Italia and National Geographic explorers.


    Promoting and safeguarding the marine ecosystem is among the concrete commitments of Rio Mare in the field of environmental sustainability.

    For this reason, our brand has supported the 2022 edition of Marettimo Summer School, which took place from July 10 to July 18 with the patronage of the Egadi Islands Municipality, in collaboration with the Egadi Islands Marine Protected Area and with the participation of National Geographic explorers and our partner WWF Italia.

    The project is aimed at young climate shapers – adolescents aged 15 to 18 from all over Italy – and is designed to educate participants on environmental protection, sea preservation and sustainable development policies, through concrete tools that enable them to act responsibly towards the oceans and ecosystems.

    The young students had the opportunity to participate in training sessions led by representatives of the involved organisations, such as a meeting dedicated to Rio Mare’s sustainability path and transformative projects held by Luciano Pirovano, Global Sustainable Development Director Food.

    The programme also included numerous experiences to discover the secrets of the MPA, such as exploring its caves and seabed in the company of some National Geographic Explorers, visiting the European monk seal observatory and the turtle recovery centre in Favignana.

    In addition to the training sessions and the activities at sea, the young participants had the opportunity to attend two special lectures held by our partner WWF.

    “Raising awareness on sustainable fishing and the protection of the oceans are fundamental elements of Rio Mare’s commitment. This action is carried out through collaborations with important partners and is aimed at all consumers, with a particular focus on young people, the adults of tomorrow.

    The Summer School is precisely dedicated to them and we decided to provide our support as part of our collaboration with the Marine Protected Area, which has been in place since 2014.

    For this reason, we have launched several projects for the protection of Posidonia Oceanica, the fight against bottom trawling and the development of the Sea Turtle Recovery Centre and of the Monk Seal Observatory”, said Luciano Pirovano, Global Sustainable Development Director Food, during the bootcamp.