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    Rio Mare has officially landed in France

    We’re thrilled to announce that our iconic brand, Rio Mare, is now available in French supermarkets! Our journey towards becoming the global leader in canned tuna continues, driven by our passion for promoting good nutrition habits and a sustainable approach to the food industry.

    From March 2024, our amazing recipes will be available on the shelves of French supermarkets: our classic canned tuna in olive oil and extra virgin olive oil, along with our tuna fillets in glass jars. Our fillets come in a few delightful varieties, including extra virgin olive oil, olive oil with lime and ginger, and olive oil with a touch of chilli spice!

    At Bolton sustainability guides every decision we make. In France, Rio Mare is the first canned tuna brand fully certified Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), with an offer that combines taste and quality with sustainable seafood practices.

    Join us on this flavorful adventure as we bring the taste of Rio Mare to France! Explore our range of products and learn more about our commitment to sustainability by visiting our brand website: