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    “We have been here for seventy years and want to be here for many more, providing quality products that respect both people and the planet.”
    Marina Nissim, Chairwoman

    We are an Italian family-owned multinational that has been producing and distributing for over 75 years a vast range of innovative and sustainable branded products.

    Quality, efficiency, capability, and passion are at the heart of our story. It all began in 1949, and since then our vision and ambition led us to grow and expand beyond borders.

    Today we are an international company of over 11,000 people, present in more than 150 countries with 60 well-known brands that have become household names for millions of consumers. Thanks to our portfolio of successful brands, we enter the homes of more than 100 million families all over the world, every day.

    We look after people’s needs because this is our passion. We bring food to the table, creating unique moments of sharing with our Food products.

    We simplify housework with our Home Care brands, support work, study and professional activities with our Adhesives products, and help people take care of themselves with our Beauty and Personal Care brands.

    In 2019, we have also acquired Tri Marine, a leading company in the tuna industry known for its commitment to sustainability. With this acquisition, we have extended our business to the entire tuna supply chain, becoming the second largest player in the world.

    Our mission is to create value for today and for the future, through responsible actions targeted at protecting the environment, supporting the communities we work with, growing with our people, and caring for our consumers by providing every day high-quality, innovative and sustainable products.

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