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    We acknowledge that the planet’s resources are limited, and that our very existence depends on the richness of the ocean and the land.

    We aim to minimize our environmental footprint by reducing the emissions throughout our value chains, shifting towards a circular production business model, conserving the ocean while honoring its generosity, and reinforcing our freshwater stewardship.

    Our approach

    We have chosen to focus our attention on four specific dimensions related to Nature: climate, circular resources, ocean’s protection and fresh water stewardship.


    We have an urgent responsibility to contribute to climate change mitigation and adaptation regardless of our company’s size and proportional impact in terms of global generated emissions. This is why we aim at reducing our level of CO2 emissions to the atmosphere and at doing our best to protect the natural ecosystems fundamental to our business activity.

    Circular Resources

    New energy sources and alternative raw and packaging materials have to be found to guarantee solid business continuity and value generation in the long term. This is why we are committed to shifting, as much as we can, from a traditional linear production model to a more circular approach, keeping resources in the economic loop for as long as possible.

    Ocean’s Protection

    We are committed to implementing responsible practices in all of our fishing activities, to ensure the health of fish stocks, preserve biodiversity, and promote the sustainable economic development of coastal communities.

    At the same time, in our Home, Personal Care, and Beauty businesses, we are focused on developing new formulations that increasingly use biodegradable ingredients, respect coral reefs, and limit the use of aesthetic polymers.

    Fresh Water Stewardship

    Water is not only a key ingredient for many of our products but also a requirement for their use and a crucial element for our company’s operations. The water scarcity phenomena and the increasingly frequent droughts in some geographies can seriously threaten human well-being and business continuity. For this reason, we believe that tackling these issues is of utmost priority and that finding the most relevant technologies and solutions for water stewardship is an urgent responsibility to preserve this fundamental resource.

    Responsible fishing

    Our everyday commitment

    We are committed to sustainable fishing. In particular, we diversify fishing areas, fishing methods, and the species caught in order to guarantee the respect of the balance of the marine ecosystem. By using a scientific, global, and systematic approach and choosing to source only from those supply chains that are managed responsibly with the participation of all those involved: companies, fishermen, and institutions.

    The challenge involves working with all participants (including vessel owners, the canning industry, non-governmental bodies, and organizational institutions) to find a balance among the three different aspects that make fishing truly sustainable: tuna stock status, marine ecosystem health, and management of fishing areas.

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