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    A strong commitment to education

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    The Bolton Hope Foundation was established in 2020 by Marina Nissim,  Chairwoman of Bolton, and represents the evolution and strengthening of a commitment made many years ago: the promotion of the right to education as a source of awareness and cultural, social and environmental responsibility, capable of enhancing the qualities and potential of every human being, especially the youngest.

    Within the broad field of education, the main challenges the Foundation has chosen to focus on are: fighting early school leaving, promoting education for sustainable development, and securing quality education.

    Main stakeholders

    In accordance with its focus on education, the Foundation considers children and young people in fragile conditions as its most important stakeholders, both in an ideal sense and in concrete activities. In addition, there are non-profit organisations, which work in schools and extracurricular activities through their collaboration with the Foundation, the communities, for which quality education represents an indispensable tool for equity and development, and the education sector as a whole.

    A transversal commitment

    For the Bolton Hope Foundation, educating also means securing the future of the new generations through the support and enhancement of social, cultural, and environmental initiatives in favour of the community. This generates awareness and civic consciousness, in a virtuous circle that encourages positive and lasting change.

    In a broader perspective of community support, Bolton Hope Foundation promotes actions to improve the conditions in which children and young people live and act every day, in order to meet the needs of people in fragile conditions and to provide support even in emergency situations.

    A long-term journey

    The numerous initiatives launched and promoted so far call for a gradual path, to be undertaken with a long-term perspective, with the belief that seriousness, competence and professionalism are crucial elements for the realisation of the Foundation's ambitions.

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