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    Caring for people is at the heart of our sustainability path. For Bolton Group, it means fostering the development and well-being of its employees and supporting the communities where we operate.

    Care for balance is one of our beliefs. We are committed to share the value we generate with our employees and our communities. The Group’s history testifies that true sustainable growth cannot be achieved without supporting the wellbeing of our employees and the community. Our values lie in giving back the value generated to people.

    Our approach

    For Bolton Group, looking after the environment goes hand in hand with looking after people – that means employees, consumers, and those living in the communities where we operate around the world. Promoting their wellbeing is one of the central pillars of our business model.

    We commit to ensuring a safe and welcoming work environment for our employees by promoting the right work-life balance.

    The group also ensures optimal health and safety and hygiene in the workplace and strives to offer a stimulating and respectful environment where everyone can feel valued and adequately remunerated. We pay great attention to training activities and the development of new skills and we are always offering new professional opportunities to further personal and professional growth.

    We feel a great responsibility to leave a positive impact in the communities where we operate.

    As such a large organisation, we have the ability to make a huge contribution to changing environmental and social conditions for the better. For us, making a positive impact is about offering opportunities for personal development at every level of our operation, fostering a culture of integration, and safeguarding human rights while protecting the environment. Pursuing a sustainable business model in socially fragile situations also means harnessing the power of education as a catalyst for collective development.


    Our results

    3 key numbers


    young people supported through educational projects


    vulnerable people reachED with our products


    medical consultations provided to the local community in Ecuador and Morocco


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