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    Bolton Group

    Bolton Group has developed strong collaborations with international environmental and social NGOs, such as WWF and Oxfam, to improve our know-how and engage them in constructive dialogue and actions.

    The Group is also a member of the United Nations Global Compact and one of the founding members of the ISSF.

    Sustainable fishing and partnership with the WWF

    For the past 4 years, Bolton and WWF have worked together to make sure that fishing activities are conducted in an ethical, legal, transparent, and fully traceable manner.

    The renewal of the partnership in 2021 testifies the Group’s will to raise the bar on its sustainability commitments for the preservation of a healthy ocean and the livelihood of communities that depend on it. Phase II of the partnership, set to run until 2024, will focus on increasing the sustainability of the Group brands’ supply chains by sourcing from more sustainable fisheries and advocating for the responsible management of tuna stocks globally.

    Oxfam and Bolton, together for a fair and sustainable fish supply chain

    The partnership between Bolton Group and Oxfam is designed to establish new sustainability standards for companies operating in the fishing industry. The initiative further strengthens our commitment to sustainability, as we strive to strike the right balance between business activities and the protection of our environment and society.

    The aim of the partnership is to build a fair fishing supply chain and promote a new vision of fair and sustainable food, not just for the environment and for consumers, but also for the people that produce that food. Throughout all of this, we want to guarantee inclusion, gender equality, respect for rights, and working conditions that are safe and dignified for all.

    Bolton supports WeWorld against the violence to women

    For two years now, our Beauty Care division has been committed to WeWorld, an international organisation that defends women’s and children’s rights by ensuring education, health, and protection from violence and abuse.

    We funded the creation of the new Spazio Donna in Milan, the first WeWorld space in the Lombardy capital, which opened in November 2018. At Spazio Donna, psychologists and social workers support women experiencing situations of violence and particular hardships by organising workshops and training courses aimed at providing professional training and qualifications.

    Partnership with FAI to protect Italy’s cultural heritage

    The protection of Italy’s cultural and artistic heritage is part of our commitment to the communities within our Sustainability development plan.

    This is why we continue to support FAI, the National Trust for Italy, which today has more than 170,000 members, protects 61 sites including historic residences, parks, and castles, and involves millions of people in initiatives aimed at safeguarding and rediscovering Italy’s cultural and environmental heritage.

    To contribute to the protection of Italy’s most beautiful places, we are part of “I 200 del FAI”, a group of patrons and companies that supports the Fund in achieving important results.