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    More sustainable formulas for more sustainable products

    The numerous projects for improving raw material sustainability relate to all of the categories in which we work.

    The numerous projects for improving raw material sustainability relate to all of the categories in which we work.

    In the Adhesives Business Unit, we have developed Wood Max, a high-quality construction wood adhesive with a unique polymer-based, polyurethane and solvent-free formula. To highlight the uniqueness and level of innovation of this product, the Wood Max formula obtained a patent from the Eurasian Patent Organization while the European patent is pending.

    In addition, we’ve reformulated our UHU liquid superglue. The new formula, which is 100% solvent-free, offers enhanced performance levels in terms of adherence to a range of materials and is made up of 56% natural materials. This innovation has seen our brand recognised as one of the most sustainable in Germany. Based on 500,000 interviews conducted on consumers in 2020, we were awarded in the office products category for our efforts to improve sustainability standards.

    Work to improve the sustainability of our products also continued in the Home & Personal Care Business Unit, where we’ve increased the percentage of natural ingredients used. 99% of the household detergent Carolin Nature is of natural origin, essential oils are used in the formulation of the fragrance, all surfactants are of natural origin, there are no preservatives, and the formula is dermatologically tested. Moreover, over the course of 2020, we launched in Italy and France the new WC NET Natural Power, which features raw materials 100% natural and is sold in a 100% recyclable eco-bottle.

    Natural ingredients also account for 97% of the formulation of the Rogé Cavaillès extra-gentle intimate cleanser formulation, which contains no soaps, sulfates, or PEG55, and includes only safe preservatives that are used in the food industry. These features have been recognised by the popular French app Yuka, which ranks product sustainability and safety and gave the product its highest rating.

    Lastly, the 2019 acquisition of the Omia Laboratoires brand bears witness to the importance we place on obtaining increasingly natural formulations. All the formulas of these cosmetic and personal care and hygiene products are based on natural ingredients, with a quality that is recognised by the market, and are developed in dedicated research laboratories.

    Our efforts to protect marine ecosystems have continued in the sun products sector. More specifically, since 2019, the Bilboa Face range has included low-impact sunscreens on marine biodiversity that do not contain octinoxate or oxybenzone, recognised as responsible for bleaching coral.

    As a further demonstration of the level of attention we dedicate to the marine ecosystem, in the Beauty Care Business Unit, nine out of the 30 suncreams in the Collistar portfolio comply with the Hawaiian Reef Bill, a law in the American state of Hawaii that was introduced in 2021 and that prohibits the use of certain UV filters in suncreams, as these have been proven to accelerate the process of coral bleaching. We are also working with researchers from the University of Le Marche to develop a new generation of 100% eco-compatible suncreams.