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    Part of Bolton Group since 2019, Tri Marine is one of the world’s largest suppliers of tuna raw materials to brands and processing companies around the globe. The combination of robust vertical integration and traceability makes Tri Marine the preferred supplier of countless major businesses.

    Tri Marine began operating in the fish business in 1972, building a wealth of knowledge, relationships and experience in the field of fishing, trading, processing and marketing over the years. Thanks to a team of dedicated industry experts, strategically located sources of supply and offices worldwide, Tri Marine provides customers with diversified and optimised supply chain solutions while operating with integrity and respect for resources and its employees.

    Sustainability is about more than just protecting fisheries resources. It’s also about minimising environmental impact, protecting workers and their local communities and preserving fishing heritage as a whole.

    Tri Marine leads the way in certifying its supply chains according to Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) sustainability standards and works extensively with scientists, policymakers and community leaders to better protect resources and livelihoods.
    The Tri Marine Group Code of Conduct sets out the company’s ethical values and outlines the high standards that all employees must meet. The company also adopts a collaborative approach by working with the Seafood Task Force and its Tuna Subgroup on industry-wide social standards, as well as ensuring that the Seafood Task Force Code is applied by all global suppliers.