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    ISABEL has obtained certification for Responsible Tuna Fishing – AENOR conform

    Our brand ISABEL has obtained the Responsible Tuna Fishing – AENOR Conform certification that guarantees the best environmental, social and labour practices.

    ISABEL, the Bolton Group brand of fish preserves on the Spanish market, has obtained a new certification that guarantees the best environmental practices, the most advanced control and safety systems throughout the fishing activity and, above all, the best social and labour conditions of the fleets: Responsible Tuna Fishing – AENOR Conform.

    ISABEL is the first brand in the world to market its product under the new Atún de Pesca Responsable – AENOR Conform certificate, which will be printed on the tuna packaging and will ensure environmental and social responsibility throughout the tuna supply chain, from its fishing on the high seas to its canning.

    This highly demanding and unique new stamp, aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN, will allow consumers to choose products that guarantee the control and safety of the fishing activity and the best socio-labour conditions of the fleet under standard 188 of the International Labour Organisation (ILO). Additionally, this certification also ensures that the tuna is sourced from Robust Fishing Improvement Projects, that is to say, committed to the best biological, environmental and management practices for this resource.

    “This certification is a step forward in leading change in the tuna industry, becoming one of the first companies to guarantee responsible quality – says Helena Orella, Manager of Sustainable Development Manager from Bolton Group Food Business Unit. “The environment and people are at the heart of our social responsibility strategy. Our goal is to leave no one behind, respecting society and the planet.”