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    Bolton Group’s Food Business Unit joins NAPA

    The North Atlantic Pelagic Advocacy Group is an important collective for the protection of pelagic fisheries in the North-East Atlantic Ocean.

    Protecting the oceans and implementing sustainable fishing practices: our Food Business Unit has further confirmed its commitment to this issue by joining an important Advocacy collective such as NAPA (North Atlantic Pelagic Advocacy Group).

    NAPA represents one of the most important collectives at the commercial level for the sourcing of sustainable and certified seafood products, which comprises more than 50 global retailers, food service companies and suppliers from Asia, Africa, North America, Australia and Europe.

    In pursuit of this goal, NAPA fights the overfishing of three iconic pelagic stocks – the Atlanto-Scandian herring, the North-East Atlantic blue whiting and the North-East Atlantic mackerel – by encouraging countries to find a long-term fisheries management agreement in line with scientific advice.

    As a leader, our Food Business Unit has always believed that it has a responsibility to influence the way seafood companies operate by fostering, through its example, a positive change towards better sustainability standards within the supply chain and moving the entire market towards increasingly conscious choices.

    “As one of Europe’s leading producers of canned fish, sustainability is one of our priorities and an integral part of our DNA. We joined NAPA because the current management of pelagic stocks in the Northeast Atlantic is a concern for us and is against our values”, said Luciano Pirovano, Global Sustainable Development Director Food.

    “Indeed, we are committed to promoting responsible fish sourcing to ensure the long-term prosperity of stocks and to protect the health of the oceans, a goal that is also part of our transformative partnership with WWF. Our commitments are then translated into concrete actions, not only through sourcing activities but also through our advocacy efforts, of which NAPA is a prime example”.