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    Bolton Group together with Too Good To Go to prevent food waste

    Bolton Group, through its Rio Mare and Simmenthal brands, adheres to the “Pact against Food Waste” promoted by Too Good To Go and contributes to its Magic Box project

    Being sustainable is a choice that also involves the way we eat. This is demonstrated by the most recent research, according to which 68% of food waste in Italy is generated directly in the homes of end consumers.

    This figure highlights the need for concrete action, starting with companies and actively involving employees and consumers. And it is precisely for these reasons that we have chosen to join, through our Rio Mare and Simmenthal brands, the ‘Pact Against Food Waste‘ promoted by Too Good To Go.

    Our Rio Mare and Simmenthal brands will actively participate in the Magic Box project, contributing to the cause with a monthly shipment of food products stored in warehouses and at risk of obsolescence. Consumers will be able to find these boxes at pick-up points provided by Too Good To Go.

    “We work with full awareness of our social role and the impact of our activities on the environment and the community. Sustainability is an integral part of our business model and a mission we want to pursue alongside partners who share our same values and goals,” said Luciano Pirovano, Global Sustainable Development Director Food.

    Aware of our responsibility to lead the entire industry towards better sustainability standards, we want to work together with Too Good To Go to raise awareness and inspire consumers to make responsible choices, promoting a fight against food waste.”