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    “Fresh from Chilly”: Chilly’s new communication campaign

    Chilly is back on media channels with its new campaign, ‘Fresh from Chilly’, which unveils the brand’s new identity and redefines the narrative around intimate hygiene.

    Chilly is ready for a FRESH start!

    Our brand is finally back on media channels with its new campaign, ‘Fresh from Chilly‘, which unveils the brand’s new identity, featuring bright colours and a fun, carefree tone!

    But this campaign isn’t just about introducing a new look.

    “Fresh from Chilly” intends to promote a light-hearted and positive approach to intimacy, breaking the taboos and normalising conversations on this topic.

    The essence of freshness, which has always been Chilly’s unmistakable signature, is transformed into an attitude, a serene and carefree way of approaching daily life with lightness and confidence.

    A message that aims to inspire women, especially those of the younger generation, to discover the beauty of freshness that comes from within, to feel good about themselves and rediscover the strength of their uniqueness, while at the same time raising awareness of the importance of taking care of intimate well-being on a daily basis, with products that have been specially formulated with care and respect for intimate areas.