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    The new manifesto of Somatoline Cosmetic

    Our brand Somatoline Cosmetic launches a new manifesto, which subverts the common notion of beauty and provides a different perspective.

    Our brand Somatoline Cosmetic launches a new manifesto, which subverts the common notion of beauty and provides a different perspective. A campaign based on the concept “Feel that it works“, a payoff that brings the focus back to sensations rather than pure performance and invites women to feel good in their own skin. An idea of beauty that comes from self-care and leads to a truer and deeper awareness, which needs nothing else. Because, as the campaign states, “when you feel you love yourself, nothing else matters”.

    It’s a special moment for Somatoline Cosmetic” – says Giuseppe Morici, Bolton Group Chief Executive Officer – “this new campaign is for us much more than a communication project, it’s a step forward in our commitment to women. We are proud of the result, which proves our desire to give voice to an idea of female beauty as a positive experience linked to self-care.
    Bolton Group adheres to the Italian association Valore D for the promotion of gender equality, a concrete commitment to support women in their daily and professional lives”.

    To convey the message with greater impact, Andrea Delogu, anchorwoman, actress and writer who has also been awarded Order of Merit of the Italian Republic, was chosen as the voice and face of the Somatoline Cosmetic campaign. In addition to the official commercial, she also created her own adaptation: “My idea of beauty“. A message that invites women to feel good in their own skin and to see beauty with different eyes, where the mirror no longer represents other people’s gaze but simply becomes one’s reflection, to be loved and accepted as it is.

    Taking part in this project was an indescribable emotion for me,” says Andrea Delogu, “Working in an all-female set was a really good feeling; I felt that the message I wanted to express has been perceived with the same enthusiasm by so many girls. Sharing such a strong value is something special. Personally, I have a relationship with beauty that can be translated as feeling good I take care of myself because I want to feel good“.

    In the Somatoline Cosmetic campaign created by Grey, produced by Black Mamba and directed by Francesca Mazzoleni, a young director who was recently awarded the Silver Ribbon for the documentary Punta Sacra, we discover many different women who have a common denominator: they are at ease with themselves, they do not need to look in the mirror to feel confident, and they do not seek validation by others. They are women who love to take care of themselves and that are confident in their own skin, women who are beautiful because they like themselves.

    The campaign will be on air on TV with a 30″ format and will be planned on digital and social media with 60″ and 15″ cuts. The long version will also be available on the Somatoline Cosmetic website. The project will enjoy international visibility thanks to planning in Belgium, Spain, France, Greece, and Switzerland.